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We created ICL Planet Startup Hub, a vehicle in which ICL cultivates, nurtures, and accelerates innovation and technologies in the AgriFood tech ecosystem. We invite entrepreneurs, innovators, and AgTech & FoodTech startups to join forces with us and fulfill their potential. Together we can make an impact on global challenges and disrupt the AgriFood tech ecosystem.

By joining our cutting-edge AgriFood tech startup hub, you’ll be partnering with a trusted name and an industry leader. We at ICL are on a continual quest to create sustainable solutions for the global food, agriculture, and industrial markets that impact the daily lives of millions worldwide. We seek, invest and grow disruptive companies that can favorably affect the industries we work in and lead, in order to address critical global needs and bring about a positive environmental impact on our collective future.


Be part of our unique Startup Hub hybrid structure that includes both accelerator and incubator elements, uniquely designed to fit the AgriFood tech startup ecosystem, where we provide early-stage investment for AgriFood startups.

Investment opportunities
across the startup lifecycle

Up to $350K | Pilot Runway Track

an investment designed for pilot-ready companies.

Up to $1M | Market Highway Track

Go-To-Market and commercialization investment.

Above $1M | Planet Invest

financial investment for growth.

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