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ICL is a global leader in the field of agriculture, food, and engineered materials, and continually seeks with its unparalleled R&D infrastructure to develop innovative solutions for humanity’s greatest sustainability challenges.

Planet Startup Hub

ICL Planet Startup Hub is the vehicle in which ICL chooses to work with innovative companies, synergize with their novelty, and short-cut their way to global play. 

Our ICL Planet Startup Hub offers a unique flexible hybrid innovation model that uses various startup incubator and startup accelerator elements to synergize ICL’s resources, expertise, mentorship, and infrastructure with early-stage innovative AgTech startups and FoodTech startups with the goal to make an impact in the world we live in and in the AgriFood Tech ecosystem.  

Together, we can grow game-changing technology and address vital global sustainability concerns, in order to create significant environmental transformation!

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EIT - Food Accelerator Network

EIT Food is the world’s largest and most dynamic food innovation community. The platform accelerate innovation to build a future-fit food system that produces healthy and sustainable food for all. Supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union, EIT FAN invests in projects, organizations and individuals that share our goals for a healthy and sustainable food system. ICL Planet StartUp Hub together with ICL Food Specialties, have partnered EIT FAN to promote our quest to collaborate and invest in startups focused on new ways of addressing global challenges in food production.

Shakeup Factory

ShakeUpFactory is a business accelerator and network catalyst, adding value in growth and transformation for breakthrough projects from farm to fork. ShakeUpFactory partners with leading food companies to strengthen their understanding of FoodTech and build business cases with startups to improve competitiveness, invent new products and services, deploy new access to consumers and explore more strategic alliances. As an integral affiliate of EIT Food Accelerator Network and the 5 European hubs program, ICL partnered ShakeUpFactory to bring an innovative value proposition for startups in the EU.

IMagine IMpact

IMagine IMpact is a strategic consulting firm focusing on social and environmental innovation and its potential for organizational growth and future positioning. The company is based in Israel and works with corporations and companies both locally and abroad. IMagine IMpact’s founder, Omri Boral, is highly experienced professional in the field of impact innovation, impact strategy and impact management. In the past 13 years she has founded 3 infrastructure organizations that have driven the Israeli impact ecosystem’s establishment and growth.
ICL Planet is working with IMagine IMpact to implement clear impact methodologies and tools throughout the investment processes including mentoring our portfolio companies to establish positive IMPACT matrices into their business strategy.

Thrive by svg ventures

Since 2010 SVG-THRIVE is the leading global AgriFood investment and innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, and comprised of top agriculture, food & technology corporations, universities, and investors.
Our partnership is centred around challenges like the ‘THRIVE Europe Challenge’ or "Global IMPACT Challenge" both programs that seek out the most innovative and sustainable Agri-Food Tech start-ups globally or across Europe and Israel who are solving some of the critical sustainability challenges facing the global agri-food industry today.

rethink. celebrating 10 years

Rethink conferences are created by experts in sustainable agri-food, cleantech and renewable energy to address the issues most crucial to investors and developers in these sectors. World Agri-Tech and Future Foodtech summits are held annually in London, San Francisco and São Paulo.
ICL Planet is collaborating with Rethink as Innovation Partners and Gold Partners in the WorldAgriTech Innovation Summit, and for Future Foodtech summit.

GrowingIL Agri. Culture Community

GrowingIL is a government initiative of the Israel Innovation Institute, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, and Rural Development and Israel Innovation Authority. It aims to develop the Israeli AgTech ecosystem and reshape Israeli agriculture to meet emerging global food needs through the implementation of groundbreaking technologies.
Our collaboration with GrowingIL facilitates our engagement to the Israeli AgriFood Tech ecosystem.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play is an innovation platform bringing together startups and large corporations. The platform spans across venture capital investments, corporate open innovation services and accelerator programs in most major industries and cities.  

Plug&Play feeds our growing deal flow with global investment opportunities and early-stage innovative AgTech startups and FoodTech startups.

Startlife Agrifoodtech Accelerator

StartLife is Europe’s top agrifoodtech startup accelerator, co-founded by Wageningen University & Research in 2010. Its mission is to empower founders to build and grow startups with breakthrough technologies that shape a sustainable food system. To this end, it provides a wide range of services, including business development support, top industry business mentors, non-equity funding and access to a global community of startups, investors, corporates and experts.
The key to ICL Planet Startup Hub’s decision to enter this partnership is StartLife’s position at the heart of European agrifood tech, its focus on sustainable food systems and its strong links with Wageningen University & Research.

Ag Tech Garage

AgTech Garage initiatives in Brazil are promoting the connection between agribusinesses, startups, producers, investors, universities and other stakeholders in Agriculture’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem to develop technological solutions that increase the sustainability and competitiveness of Brazilian agribusiness.
As a leading agribusiness player in Brazil, ICL has partnered with the AgTech Garage ecosystem to promote innovation dynamic in AgriTech and to enhance it's connection with Brazilian startups.

Zoecial Media

ZoecialMedia is an expert organic social media agency bringing visibility and credibility to B2B tech brands on social media. We chose ZoecialMedia to leverage our ICL Planet Brand in social media and transform it into our asset.


NutriPR is a boutique PR agency with strong expertise in public relations services for the foodTech and agriTech industries. NutriPR support its clients stand out in the media crowd, internationally, by customizing and developing a complete toolbox of PR promotions and social media campaigns. this boutique agency speaks, inspires, and writes about changing our food system towards a more sustainable, transparent, and secure world. NutriPR supports us in telling our story and spreading the word.

Birth Right Israel Excel

Birth Right Israel Excel inspire young Jewish business leaders during a professional summer
experience in Israel and empower them to pursue successful careers and build a global,
lifelong community dedicated to supporting the Jewish people in the 21st century.
ICL Planet established an internship program designed to empower the next generation of
business leaders in Israel and around the world.

F&A Next

F&A Next spurs thought leadership, unites ambitions, and serves as a springboard for
partnerships that enable a sustainable food system and a better deal for all. By connecting
promising startups, scale-ups, dedicated food & agtech investors, innovative corporates and
thought leaders, F&A Next mobilizes capital and creates opportunities for a durable
transformation of global food systems.
ICL Planet is an innovation partner at F&A Next.


FoodHack is a global community of founders and funders, sharing a passion for scaling
impact solutions to solve the climate crisis.
Their community is active in 50+ cities around the world. They hosted 25,000+ attendees
through their events, helping form tens of new companies, supporting hundreds of talented
individuals enter the climate sector.
ICL planet is a part of the FoodHack community, working together to find Foodtech and
Climate opportunities.

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