We are an innovation-driven culture and we are seeking partners that want to make a global impact! Our program is uniquely designed to fit the AgriFood Tech startup ecosystem with its flexible hybrid structure that includes both accelerator and incubator practices. We seek to cultivate real impact and find sustainable solutions for the global food challenges we face today.

An impactful partnership!

Our program harnesses, invests in, and accelerates AgTech startups’ and FoodTech startups’ innovative ideas and exceptional technologies in both FoodTech and AgTech arenas. We aim to discover the most transformative technologies and entrepreneurs so we, together, can plant the seeds for sustainable development across the globe. Responsibility for an improved global ecosystem using technological innovation and business transformation is among our highest priorities. Our program offers you to become a global player in your industry and gain access to a worldwide commercial reach through ICL’s extensive international ties and using ICL’s strengths and resources.

Areas of interest

We focus on industries associated with the central tenants of ICL: Innovative crop nutrition technologies and food nutrition that show measurable environmental impact.

What we offer

An impactful partnership

Dual-track programs and service envelope, all AgTech and FoodTech startups will get access to ICL’s resources:

  • Access to a co-working space
  • Access to laboratories and analytical equipment
  • Expert and executive mentorship
  • Infrastructure
  • Pilot with ICL
  • Beta sites and field trials
  • R&D support
  • Go to market support
  • Investment for AgriFood Tech startups, especially during early stage

ICL Planet invest


AgriFood Tech Investment opportunities across the startup lifecycle:

Up to $350K | Pilot Runway Track

an investment designed for pilot ready companies.

Up to $1M | Market Highway Track

Go-To-Market and commercialization investment.

Above $1M | Planet Invest

financial investment for growth.

Who can apply?

Our innovation Planet Startup Hub opens a welcoming door for early-stage AgriFood startups to conduct new product pilots and proofs. These endeavors can turn ICL into a supporting investor. For later-stage startups where the product is ready to market, we offer a business acceleration contract aiming at growth through investment, business development, and partnerships of which may include mergers and acquisitions.

Our Dual track plan that challenges to meet the needs of early and matured startups encompasses

Pilot runway track

Empowers early-stage FoodTech startups and AgTech startups to implement their technologies within ICL’s BUs to reach business and impact challenges and optimize their market readiness. If you are a pilot-ready startup, you fit the Pilot Runway Track.

Market highway track

Seeks to match market-ready innovative FoodTech and AgTech startup technologies with practical business approaches that address accelerating their commercialization in the global market and contribute to ICL’s impact worldwide. If you are a market-ready startup, you fit the Market Highway track.

Let’s Talk

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